A Neighborhood Apart

A Texas Department of Transportation highway project threatens to sever a community already devastated by industry. Hillcrest, a historically black neighborhood in Corpus Christi that is still almost entirely minority, would be trapped in between polluting refineries on two sides and elevated highways on the remaining two. The highway—which has recently been stalled by a Title VI Civil Rights complaint filed by Hillcrest residents with the Federal Highway Administration—would cut the neighborhood off from the rest of the city.

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Democrats Cave on Measure Overturning Fracking Regulations

Despite vociferous opposition from local elected officials, environmentalists and citizens, many Democrats in the Texas Legislature are supporting controversial legislation that would strip local governments of the power to regulate or ban fracking.

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Convergence of Local Control and Fracking Lights Up Lege

Even before voters in Denton passed a measure that made their city the first in the state to ban fracking, state lawmakers were talking about filing legislation to block the ban. On Monday, more than four months after the Denton vote, a House committee discussed two bills that would derail local efforts to curb fracking. House Bill 40 would generally block cities from regulating oil and gas activity, and House Bill 539 would make cities and municipalities that do ban fracking pay for it—literally.

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