Organizing Asarco Workers

When an El Paso smelter illegally burned toxic waste, workers suffered a spectrum of health problems that would affect them for years after the smelter closed down. Now, workers are organizing to ensure the smelter site is properly cleaned up to protect their community.

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‘Forty Acres of Fun’ book

While a student at the University of Texas at Austin, Priscila’s historical feature on the limestone walls surrounding the UT campus was selected for publication in a book printed by Forty Acres Press. The walls were built in 1969, largely to prevent students from rioting and protesting in a time of social unrest and to keep non-students off the campus.

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Hickory Street Renewed and Reopened

Austinites of all stripes were shocked and sad to hear of Hickory Street’s closing in October as the 27-year-old establishment was seemingly set to be demolished to make way for new buildings downtown. But alas, along came three knights in shining armor – Brendan Puthoff, owner of Third Base and Barcelona teamed up with Nate Howry and Mason Wheeless to renovate and reopen the restaurant just in time for SXSW.

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Understanding statistics: A journalist’s guide

As databases of raw information become more common and increasingly available to the public, understanding and effectively using statistics is becoming more important than ever for journalists. Despite the convenience of hiding behind the phrase “I can’t do math; I’m a writer,” the time has come for journalists to challenge the notion that their biggest enemy is numbers, and prove that not all media fudges when it comes to figures.

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Attacks on Ecuador’s media have soared in year since alleged coup attempt, report says

One year after the alleged attempted coup d’etat that shook Ecuador on Sept. 30, 2010 (known as 30S), Fundamedios published a report about attacks against the media and freedom of expression in the country. The report studies attacks before and after 30S, and shows a significant increase in the number of aggressions against journalists in the last year.

Fundamedios reports 211 attacks against journalists in the year since 30S, which account for “52 percent of all attacks against freedom of the press in Ecuador during the last four years.”

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tenOak review

The owner of Imperia, Speakeasy and Cuba Libre revamped the space formerly known as Cuba Libre and created tenOak, a dimly lit lounge with rustic, yet modern decor and amazing cocktails. But perhaps most impressive is the amount of thought and care put into the bar’s menu, which boasts local produce and free-range meats.

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Barley Swine restaurant review

Tired of your weekly routine of restaurant rounds and sticking with the usual path to inebriation? Head over to Barley Swine for a makeover to your palate, courtesy of Chef Bryce Gilmore. Named for Gilmore’s fondness of pork and beer, Barley Swine is a not just a restaurant/bar, but an entire experience.

The new brick and mortar space on 2024 South Lamar is the incarnation of Gilmore’s original Odd Duck Farm to Trailer, with the same great tastes and a much bigger space.

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