Understanding statistics: A journalist’s guide

As databases of raw information become more common and increasingly available to the public, understanding and effectively using statistics is becoming more important than ever for journalists. Despite the convenience of hiding behind the phrase “I can’t do math; I’m a writer,” the time has come for journalists to challenge the notion that their biggest enemy is numbers, and prove that not all media fudges when it comes to figures.

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Attacks on Ecuador’s media have soared in year since alleged coup attempt, report says

One year after the alleged attempted coup d’etat that shook Ecuador on Sept. 30, 2010 (known as 30S), Fundamedios published a report about attacks against the media and freedom of expression in the country. The report studies attacks before and after 30S, and shows a significant increase in the number of aggressions against journalists in the last year.

Fundamedios reports 211 attacks against journalists in the year since 30S, which account for “52 percent of all attacks against freedom of the press in Ecuador during the last four years.”

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